Trawl By House of Wire

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Game Description 

Trawl isn't a ttrpg, but is a Unity game focused on writing! You play as a trawl-fisher dropping the net into the ocean, adjusting your course using the radio, and pulling up discarded items from the depts. Once you find up to 3 items, you write about it on a typwriter below decks. The game saves your writing in a folder in your documents.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 862     Played: April 26, 2021

You play by dropping the net into the ocean, adjusting your course using the radio and writing about what you find!

The light is red and humming, you are on the right course!

The Bell is ringing, you have found something!

Pick up the item from the net!

Write on the typewriter! There is no backspace so all mistakes are recorded with ‘x’s. You only have one page you can type on, so keep it brief!

Throw the bottle into the ocean!

----------------- -=- -----------------

Entry 1: Accordion

xI pulled it up from the depthstoday. It was -

old and water logged. I wonder if I can learn-

to play it like my father did. I still think -

about him from time to time. Never did find xx

out why he lxxx left.

----------------- -=- -----------------

Entry 2: Hand Mirror, broken telephone, briefcase

There isn't much else for me to find today. Th-

The damned radio caught fire again. I might

as welll throw the damned thing into the oce-

an to be collected with all theother junk. 

I found a hairbrush that looks mighty fine. I-

ts emblazoned with an 'S' like the mirror I fo-

und before. Its hard to see the lighthouse fr-

om here. I hope the keeper is doing their job-

this time. xxxThey need to find a replacement-

for him soon. He's getting too old for the job.

The xForecast saidxxxx it would be raining a-

and storming so I don't xkow why they wouldn't-

have just lit the damned thig early today. 

I heard the knocking again. I can't xtell if i--

if it's something unnatural or just the sound-

of the sea against my boat. I found two other-

things today too. A busted briefxcase and a b-

broken telephone. neither of thxxese things a-

are of any value. 

----------------- -=- -----------------

Entry 3: Cinderblock, Pills, Rusted Razor

The same as yesterday. Three items then the r-

radio busted. It worked fine this morning, I m-

ight need to get it re-blessed from one of th-

e pattern witches again. I doubt it's the old 

rod my father gave me that's giving me troubl--

e,. That thing has been in hs family since who-

knows when. 

I think it's the damned radio box itself. The -

thing can't even pick up the Forecast. I thoug-

ht it would be easier, the pattern's still the-

same. Use the dousing rod and listen for the -

bell, he told me. I think the music is what ma-

kin me get lxess and less these days. 

Today I found a bottle of water-logged pills. -

They were still barely useable but I don't kn-

now what kindand the bottles too scratched u-

p to have any value. The next thing I found w-

was a rusted razor. Maybe I can see if someon-

e can sharpen it and fixe it up. THe cinderbl-

----------------- -=- -----------------

Entry 4 Rusted Padlock, Broken Winebottle, Aviator Goggles

Nothin but juxnk again today. A padlock that -

looks to be a hundred years old. Could have b-

been used to lock upthe lighthouse or a pris-

son. A broken winebottle without the lable, if-

it were full it might have been from seomthi-

ng but this is trash. The xxxocean is just on-

ee trash heap. 

I found some aviator goggoles too. Something -

like what those flying machines and their 

piolets use. I don't trust them. 

Am I finding oxnly trash because of the radi-

o? Because I tried to change the tradition my-

family taught me ? Has Thulis xDecided on ret-

retributr retribution for this? Who do I pray-

to? Who do I ask ? How long will the storm kee-

keep comin? I should seek shelter. 

----------------- -=- -----------------

Entry 5 Broken Snow Globe, a Bugle, Rusted Gun

Three items same as it always has been. I sho-

uld have never doubeted the oxld ways of my

father. Should I find land again I'll xxxxretu-

run the radio to the sea. Maybe the ocean wan-

ts it back.

I foudn a gun today. I feel sick. I wonder wha-

t poor bastard is at the bxottom of the xxxo-

ocean with it. I pray that I never find them.

The bugle was a surprise. I didn't think I wou-

ld see one of this make this far away from xx

Malhal. The symbol is half worn off which is 

why I think it sticks instead of xvanishing -

like the rest of the cursed place. 

The last thing I found was a snowglobe. I don'-

know where it depicts. There are no homes of -

this kind to the north; only the nomadic peop-

le live there. I doubut they would make a wel--

l. Tomorrow I will trawl for 3 more items and-

return xxa new bottle to the sea. xMay I seek-

----------------- -=- -----------------

Entry 6: Rusted Flask, rusted harmonica, old boot

I give to the sea in threes and in threes I -

shall receive its gifts. The bottle (the body-

My words (my soul) and the cork... when I know 

what the cork will be will I be able to trad-

e what is necessary? Will it give me my fahte-

baxck? All  xi can do is tredge the depts

trawl endlessly for him and sell what refuse-

i find. 

This boot is nothis, xxxxthe flask isn't his

and he never did play this instrument. I am 

Xno closer and I think that the bottle gifts are-

will never be enough. I 'e been blaming my rad-

radio but I think it is myself I have to bla-


When I know what the cork is... I think I will -

find what I need. I thin I  will get what I n--


----------------- -=- -----------------

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