Votive By Thom Ashworth

Instruments: Deck of Cards

Game Description 

Votive is a game of courtly romance and drama. Recall four of your lovers, how you spent your time, and how the relationship concluded. In the end you'll light your candle for only one.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 420     Played: Nov 18, 2020

First Love

Cards: 3 of Clubs, 

The first of my lovers was a Falconer of the Eight Winds. 

He was quiet and handsome with dark features and a strong jaw.

Card: Queen of Diamonds 

He gave me a bundle of fennel. I found it on my pillow, wrapped in paper and rope, sealed with a wax crest. 

Card: 10 of Clubs

I was pleased beyond measure and I bade him visit me each night he was in my village. He stayed for 5 months then departed in silence.

Second Love

Card: 4 of Spades

The second of my lovers was a Magister of the Granite Isles. She had come to the mainland for diplomacy.

Card: 9 of Hearts

She whispered to me that she could not love me long for she loved her duty more than any person.

Card: 8 of Hearts

This saddened me greatly, and I bade her remember me always and I placed a pin with anise on the inside of her coat as she left.

Third Love

Card: 2 of Spades

My third lover was a groom from the Granite Isles, he was young and held mischief in his eyes.

**note: groom here means someone who tends to horses** 

Card: 10 of Spades

He sang to me of the horses, the sea, and the valleys of the isles. I watched him play on my old lyre, backlit by the fireplace. 

Card: Queen of Hearts 

This saddened me greatly, and I bade him sing to me of love, sing of adventure, and sing of joy, but not of the isles,  for I knew he would return to them come morne. 

Last Love

Card: Ace of Spades

My last lover was a thane of the Granite Isles. I was old and so were they. We knew this was the last chance we had of unity.

** a thane is an Anglo-Saxon Lord** 

Card: Jack of Diamonds

They showed to me the Isles at long last. I had not left my home, the South facing cottage, in decades but for them I would leave. 

Card: King of Diamonds 

I was content enough and I bade them I would return once a year for the rest of ours. 

I light this candle for

Card: 10 of Hearts

I light this candle for my third love. The islands were more beautiful than what he summoned from my lyre. He might have returned if I had not bade him forget them for me.

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