What It Takes By Natalie Libre Merson

Instruments: 6d6

Game Description 

The only way to heal your follower is to pray to the god of Desperation. He desires to see his gifts used but he will give you no more than what he believes you are owed. How much do you deserve?

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

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Inperatu is the god of desperation, tribute, retribution (though it was a duty he shared), and merit. Only the high priests of his order had ever met with Him in person, but to doubt their, and by proxy Inperatu, words was unthinkable, heretical, and apostical. 

He provided for the people on their island in a lake, drove out wouldbe invaders, and kept them safe from other gods. All aspects of life were in His honor and by His grace. And when a follower of the Third North Temple fell and broke their body, it was the duty of Niperatus, a priest of the third order, to pray for their recovery. 


In the temple before a holy effigy of their beloved god, and in the presence of the Holy Proxy, a priest Inperatu will speak through to mortals, Niperatus prays.

Name one of the virtues of Inperatu and his followers. Say as many as you can….

The Cortege of Inperatu are obedient in all that is wished upon them. 

The Cortege of Inperatu are faithful to Inperatu and pray to no other god.

The Cortege of Inperatu are disciplined and follow the word of Inperatu unquestioningly. 

The Cortege of Inperatu loves Inperatu above all else. 

The Cortege of Inperatu love and cherish all that Inperatu has bestowed upon them. 

Roll: 27

1: 1

3: 1

5: 1

6: 3

+4 Self tokens 

The face of the effigy softens. +1 Selfless token

Less: 1

Fish: 4

The holy Proxy, the priest who is the mouthpiece of Inperatu speaks His words thus: 

You have praised yourself and your following more than you have given praise to me. You demand my tribute for doing nothing more than what I have asked of you. Mortals do not deserve praise for expectations. 

Criticize yourself and the wounded. Say as many vices as you can 

I, Niperatus, am unable to live up to the expectations placed upon me. 

I, Niperatus, have doubts about my position in the priesthood.

I, Niperatus, have questioned the interpretation of Holy Inperatus' words by the high priest. 

I, Niperatus… please forgive me my lord, I have questioned the faith you have put in me, as I wonder if I am worthy to serve you. 

Your humble follower, Peraflora, has committed the following vices, my Lord. 

She has ignored the word of her overseers which has led to carelessness and injury.

She is jealous of her fellow Corteges for their position over her.

She is rageful that she has not been given more by our Lord Inperatus. 

She is arrogant in that she believes she deserves better than what she has been given. 

Roll: 17

5: 2

4: 1

1: 1

+3 Self Tokens

The effigy remains still.

Less: 1

Fish: 7

The holy Proxy, the priest who is the mouthpiece of Inperatu speaks His words thus: 

You yourself admit that you are not worthy of my divine presence, yet you dare to ask for it? Truly you are lacking in faith if you are.

Call upon scripture or parable

My Lord, as it is written in holy text, I pray for the same Miracle. 

    And so the Cortege prayed in holy ceremony for three weeks for our Lord and Master Inperatu, Decider of Tribute and Merit, God of Desperation and Retribution, to heal all who had been struck by the forest plague. 

And Lo, did our Holy God, send forth His Holy fire to cleanse the island of the rotten trees and seal us again from the outside. 

    And Lo, did our Holy God, show his love for us as he healed our wounded and our sick.

    And Lo, did we praise our Holy God for His love and benevolence. 

Roll: 16

1: 3

3: 1

4: 1

6: 1

+4 Self Tokens

The effigy remains still. 

Less: 1

Fish: 11

The holy Proxy, the priest who is the mouthpiece of Inperatu speaks His words thus: 

You quote scripture to me as if I do not remember. I was there when I graciously gave to the mortals. And they, unlike the vain and sinful before me, were worthy. My time is wasted upon a worm as you, and my gifts would be squandered upon your like. 

The effigy in the temple rotates, facing away from Niperatu, he is not worthy to look upon it and Peraflora is not worthy enough to live.

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