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6 Solo Games You Can Play in 30 Min or Less

Can't spend an entire day playing games? No problem! Here are 6 Solo TTRPGS that can be completed start to finish in under 30 minutes!

1   It's Lunch Time!

by Ell0

In this Hungry Gull Simulator you play as a seagull on the hunt for it's next meal! You roll a d10 to determine who and what you are stealing from people and what their special secret is. Then you roll against the added numbers to see if you succeed in your hunt for lunch!

Each seagull also gets to choose two special moves it can use each round to add a chance of success to their dice roll. The game lasts for 5 rounds and you add up your total points in the end to see how successful you were.

Read my Playthrough of It's Lunch Time here!

2   Votive

by Thom Ashworth

Votive is a game of courtly romance and drama. Recall four of your lovers, how you spent your time, and how the relationship concluded. In the end you'll light your candle for only one.

You play with a deck of cards and write only a single sentence for each prompt for your lovers.

3   The Forecast

by StarshineScribbles

Based on The Shipping Forcast in the UK, this game is a fantasy weather generator. You draw cards to determine the Wind, Weather, Visibility, and Modifier. This game also works well as a supplement for ongoing campaigns.

The Forecast is played with a deck of cards and a recomended amount of 10 regions to complete.

4   It's Time to Plant the Beans

by Kumada1 aka SprintingOwl

In a world where cats can only be created by growing them in the ground, you are the newest cat-rancher at the farm.

This is a dice-stacking game where each round you will add one more die ontop of your growing towers. You also roll for the weather and on bad days will need to drop dice on the towers and run the risk of your harvest collapsing.

5   Stargazing

by N.L. Morrison

This game is part map-drawing, part story writing about creating your own constellations.

You roll 3d6 to determine the shape of your constellation, then roll for the story gist, the omen, and its form.

6   Change

by Tom Ana

Change is a city building game played by pulling out the coins from your coin-jar or pocket.

You start with a small concept map to determine what aspect of your city you are developing and pull out a coin and flip it. The monetary value will tell you how imporant it is to the city and heads/tails will tell you if it is negative or positive. As you move thoughout the map you will slowly unlock different aspects of the city you can develop.

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