5 Games about Being Trapped

You are stuck. There's no way out even if you think you can see it. There is something that keeps you here.

1  The Buried

by Bob McGough

Deep below the earth, you and your fellow miners have found a door. When attempting to blow it up, you cause a cave-in, trapping you far below the surface. Will you find your way out? Or will the starvation, the darkness, the miners or that thing you unleasked get you first?

The Buried is a Wretched and Alone hack that features a special Battery mechanic. If you have enough, and if you are willing to gamble one, you can choose to mark off one batter before flipping over a card, and if you get lucky, you don't have to pull from the tower.

You can read my playthrough Here

2   The Swamp You Die In

by Ive Sorocuk

You have ventured into the swamp, and slowly you have found yourself lost as the darkness sinks itself inside you.

This is a micro game/zine about traversing the horrors of a swamp you will not survive. You are given 6 prompts and roll 1d6 for each to determine how to meet your demise.

You can read my playthrough Here

3   There's More to This House

by Hunter Rising

You have found a door, and despite everything telling you to run, you venture into an impossible hallway, and down past the depths of your own home into what waits beneath.

There's More to This House is a Wretched and Alone game inspired by creepypastas and has you map out the various rooms you explore along the way.

4   Lost in the Deep

by Diogo Noguiera

You are the last survivor of a dwarven company seeking to reclaim your ancestral home in the depths of the Mother Mountain. But you have ventured too deep and caught the attention of the Evil that lurks below and now it will not let you leave.

Lost in the Deep is a Wretched and Alone game inspired by the Moira Mines in Lord of the Rings.

You can read my playthrough Here

5   One White Eye

by Will Lentz

You are imprisoned in a dark cell with only a yawning pit before you, and scraps of paper. The Eye is always watching, and you are always writing. But is what you write the truth?

One White Eye uses 1d20 and 20 corresponding prompts to tell a Poe-inspired story. Upon repeat rolls, you modify or change your previous response. This is also the game that started the Second Guess System.

You can read my playthrough Here

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