Lakes, The Sea, and The Ocean

6 games about bodies of Water

Relaxing, weird, horrific, and strange games centered around water

1  Alone with the Shipwrecks

by Somewhere with Stories

Alone with the Shipwrecks is a Alone Among the Stars hack about finding items at the bottom of the sea in the remains of old ships! What kind of a person you are doesn’t impact gameplay, so you can be a diver, mermaid, in a bathysphere, or whatever!

Each round you search through a single ship and discover what kind of item, where it was, and if there are any more treasures to find before moving onto the next ship.

You can find my playthrough here!

2   Ebb Tide

by Stephen Kohler

Ebb Tide is a Wretched & Alone game about waking up on a cruise ship to find everyone, including the crew, dead. Weird symbols are painted on the walls, strange noises come from all around, and you know something down here is with you. You play until you draw 3 kings, your tower falls, or maybe, just maybe, you find all 4 kings and banish that thing down here with you.

You can find my playthrough here!

3   Lost at Sea

by Hand of Fate

Lost at Sea is a tarot based game about a ship trying to find land in a vast and unforgiving ocean. You have until 4 setbacks or 5 successes to end your voyage. This game doesn’t have any concrete prompts, instead you are given the interpretation of the tarot cards, both the Suits and the Rank, to choose what happens. The game provides a guide on how to interpret the tarot crards and rank.

You can find my playthrough here!

4   The Mariner

by Nick Wheeler

This is a Wretched & Alone hack based upon the epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. You are the mariner who cursed you and your crew to wander the seas forever in atonement for the albatross you killed. You will most likely die alone out here on the sea, but there is a chance you could survive.

You can find my playthrough here!

5   Dredge

Writing by Scyllaz

In Dredge you play as a lone sailor with a lost memory, trawling the depths of a foreboding lake, looking for treasure avoiding the dreaded Deep Hunter. This is a Carta game where you play by setting up playing cards on a grid as if it were a board. Each round you move your piece to a new card, answer a propmt, and continue until you find your goal all while avoiding your pursuer.

You can find my playthrough here!

6   The Wandering Lake

by Keith Asada

This is a simple game where you play as the Keeper of four lakes up top a mountain. Unfortunately for you, those lakes like to wander, and one of them has gone missing. How will you find it? What will you do if you don't? This game is played by rolling 1d6, answering prompts and gathering enough clues to find your lake. This game also doesn't have a set tone, so you can make it as whimsical or horrific as you please.

You can find my playthrough here!

Bonus Game!

7   Trawl

by House of Wire

Trawl isn't a ttrpg, but is a Unity game focused on writing! You play as a trawl-fisher dropping the net into the ocean, adjusting your course using the radio, and pulling up discarded items from the depts. Once you find up to 3 items, you write about it on a typwriter below decks. The game saves your writing in a folder in your documents.

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