It's Tea Time!

5 games centered around Tea, Teapots, and Cafes

Fancy a nice warm cup of tea for the cold months? Look no further! Here are 5 tea-filled games!

1   The Teapot: Fully Steeped

by Marren J.T. MacAdam

In this Lost and Found game you play as a sentient teapot passing hands through out the ages. In each age you answer the questions like: Who owns you? Do you like them? How does your magic affect them? before moving on to the next era. There is a Beginning, 3 Eras, and a conclusion.

You can read my playthrough Here

2   Last Tea Shop

by Spring Villager

You own a little tea shop in between the land of the living and the dead and you are here to offer one last cup before their journey to the afterlife. You may ask them one question while you brew and one question while you drink to find out more about them. You play out through each visitor until the final day when The Veiled One arrives.

This game also contains a free "Classic" edition which can be found Here

You can read my playthrough Here

3   Occulteas

by Marley D

Occulteas is a game about being witches and running your own tea shop and listening to the needs of your customers! This game is pretty loose with the rules and is designed where you can play it as a stand alone or as a game within a game. You don’t need any randomizers unless you want to use the tables, which the game makes very clear are optional. You get to make up what kind of tea you serve and if you offer any other services, such as fortune telling, or if you sell any other goods, such as pastries or merch.

You can read my playthrough Here

4   You are a Muffin

by Exeunt Press

This game is about being a small muffin (or different pastry) and looking at all the customers that enter into the cafe before you are chosen and eaten! You determine who the customer is, what they order, (which may include tea) and where they sit. The game ends when you have either been chosen or at the end of the day when you are completely stale.

You can read my playthrough Here

5   The Tea Shelf

by Kaden Ramstack (Me)

The Tea Shelf is a solo tabletop role playing game about conversations over tea. Lay down the cards in front of you as your tea shelf and explore the growing relationship between yourself and your guest through the different flavors and prompts. This game is a hybrid of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada and Carta by Cat McDonald that uses Tarot Cards.

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