Accomplice By Michael Klamerus

Instruments: Card Deck, 1d6

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Game Content Warnings 

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Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,782     Played: Nov 11, 2022


What are you facing? 

Card: 3, Werewolf

Where are you located? 

Past the Lake of Cycles to the northwest of the continent. There have been rumors of creatures that change from human to beast and back again. They are a danger to society and must be put to an end. 

How did the partner hear of the crime? 

He was called in by the other Guards in the area when they had trouble tracking down this one last creature. 

Did they choose to confront this foe?

Yes, it is our duty, one chosen by fate, and The Guards. They needed help tracking this beast so they have called us, for our expertise. 

Is your partner good at this? 

They are the best, the last resort, the one who will End it. 

Why are you helping them? 

We are a team, one expert hunter, and one tracker, me. 

Do you have a day job? 

This is my day job. 

What is your relationship to your partner? 

He does not understand or like me, and I tolerate him as long as he’s useful. 


Item 1

Diamonds: Sources from the internet

9: Photo

Roll: 4

Card1: Queen, Possible location of Rival 

Card2: 10, Info on associates, 

Card3: Queen, Possible location of Rival

Card4: 10, Info on associates

After doing a quick search of the locals on social media, it was easy to find a photo online. The suspect, a man in his late 30s was standing with a group of friends, all of whom were conveniently tagged in the photo. 

Two people stood next to him, a woman with long dreads named: Deshawna Deviva , and a man shaved bald with tattoos on his pale scalp named: Fabian Keeney, the victim’s brother.

Underneath it, several people had commented with eye-rolling internet threats by people who had too much time on their hands. They too had used their real names and without much effort, I was able to find a location for them as well. 

Item 2

Diamonds: Internet

3: Book

Roll: 1

Card: 2, previous sightings of foe or ancestors. 

Following up on the tattoos on Fabian Keeney’s head, lead to a scanned copy of a book outlining the various meanings of tattoos in the region dating back to various cults associated with the God of Cycles.

It was a fringe cult loosely associated with the god and dealt more with the cycles of the body and its change rather than the more proper association with the seasons and the weather. 

The book stated that the cult had been wiped out, but there may be some who have revived their practices or those in hiding who have passed down their beliefs. 

Item 3

Hearts: Personal Library

7: Map

Roll: 3

Card1: 4, Info on similar but unrelated incidents

Card2: 6, Why they are behaving they way they are

Card3: 4, unrelated incidents

Using the old book from the internet, it was easy to cross reference places on the map on where this and similar incidents once occurred. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise that it formed a circle on the map with all of the locations forming around the Body of the Lake.

These incidents occurred  7, 14, and 21 years ago, and it wouldn’t be hard to guess that there were others going back even further on a 7 year cycle. 

The last killings all appeared in this city, but to a more crude degree, almost as if they were practice for something. 

Item 4

Spades: Museum, Library etc

9: Photo

Roll: 6

Card1: 8, Facts about the Identity

Card2: 8, Facts about the Identity

Card3: 2, Previous sightings of foe or ancestor

Card4: 1, Possible Weakness, 

Card5: 6, Why they are behaving the way they are

Card5: 11, Connection to Historical figure

Following up on the map and tattoo, the local library also had books and old photos of the local curls and killings. 

The library staff was accommodating once the badges were shown and they unlocked the older records for us. 

There were photos and newspaper clippings of the family, some had the same tattoos, some didn’t. There didn't seem to be a pattern as to who received them, but one photo stood out in particular. 

It was an image of the suspect and what looked like Fabian, only much older, perhaps a father or uncle. Fabian however was not in the photo. 

All of them were gathered outside in what looked like a festival with the captions, “Local Group Holds Festival for New Moon.” 

Moons, cycles. A peak and nadir of strength? Young, to old… To young? 

There were more photos, dating back further and further, and what appeared to be the same person. 

It was assumed ancestry, father, son, uncle, father, etc etc. but There was something too similar to them. Stranger things have happened. Immortals have walked among us before… (She was very nice and pretty)  

Searching further proved more photos, the oldest one being at the dawn of photography, where, another man next to the mayor of the town, also had a shaved head and tattoos.

Item 5

Suit: Hearts, Personal library, artifacts 

Rank: 9, Photo 

Roll: 1

Card: 3, Background Information

Back to the personal library in the basement, to dig up more information about the cults of the God of Cycles. 

Most regarded them as a harvest God, one of Seasons, one of the moon, one of the rain, and of course their body, the Lake representing the water cycle. (Right now they are in their lake state)

Most importantly they are not necessarily a god of change, one way transformations don’t seem to be included in any of the text, so no butterflies or frogs. 

There are many diagrams included showing how things go back to their origin. There’s even one of the circulatory system describing how blood is pumped throughout the body. 

There are some accounts of the Guards of Old hunting down the beasts. The accounts mention the cycles of man to beast to man, and of remembering, forgetting and remembering again, though I don’t think the Crown of Memory has anything to do with this. (Curious that their existence is also predicate on a cycle as well)

There was one diagram that showed the transformation. It was as previously stated: man to beast then to man. 

It mentioned that transformation can happen at any time when the victim loses control of themselves and then runs wild as a beast until regaining its senses. 

The moon does seem to hold a key however, the diagram insists that people are more likely to lose control on the full moon. 

There will be a better chance of facing only humans on the new moon. 

Item 6 

Suit: Spades, Museum

Rank: 5, Witness

Roll: 2

Card1: King, Info on the crime

Card2: King, Info on the crime

There was a witness to a crime that gave an interview. They were sent here by the police to talk to us. 

She was an older woman and she recognized the man with the tattoos. She spoke about the night in detail.

She said there were 3 creatures that stalked down the street before she had a chance to run into her building and lock the door, they ignored her and continued down the street. 

She was curious and watched through one of the windows as the beasts howled and screamed in voices that sounded like humans. 

Suspect list has been updated to 3. 

She didn’t witness the attack because it was too gruesome but she heard the victim screaming the entire time as she called the police. 

She kept hidden in the dark as she saw three figures pass by the light of the door and snuck a peek at them. 

The only thing in detail she could see was the bald head and the tattoos, which she had noted to the police before, but who had failed to mention the details to us. 

Unfortunately she had no further information. 

The Plan

What is the plan to defeat the foe? 

They are not immortal so there is no reason not to use the standard sword. However he will need to bring protection against the teeth and claws found on the victim. The standard anti-dog plate mail gear should suffice. 

Where and when is the trap happening? 

There will be another New Moon festival soon. We will tail the suspects until they have left the festival and gone to their homes before approaching. 

How confident does your partner feel about the trap?

He is bored and wants to approach sooner. This is unwise and will be an unnecessary risk. 

The plan succeeds, but something unexpected occurs

Card: 5, the plan is derailed and you need to rescue your partner. What happened?

He became too impatient and tried to corner the suspects at the festival instead of the plan to tail them. 

He sustained injuries to his right thigh, right calf, left foot, and left calf, which made it difficult for him to follow the suspects. He became cornered by all three of them

I approached cautiously, after donning the armor myself, and took with me one of the crossbows. 

I succeeded in firing one shot at the smaller beast. It struck the hip of the right leg. This opened up an opportunity for him to fell the other beasts with the sword. 

Upon their death they reverted back into human forms. Two of the suspects were identified as Deshawna Deviva and Riktar Keeney and the third was Sherita Yehle, a previously unknown party. 

Fabien Keeney was nowhere to be found. 


What have you learned about the world? 

The Gods have granted youth, and a possibility of immortality to other mortals. There may be others who have gained favors, or stolen favors. We should do more research into Divinity and past cults. 

Has your relationship changed with your partner? 

It has not, and once again I have put in a request for a partner change. He is untenable. 

What do you plan to do now that your opponent has been defeated?

Keep the research into these beasts and learn more about how and why they seek their victims. There are too many unsolved pieces. 

How is Fabian using Divinity to remain young? Why would only one member go through a  cycle of Youth to Agedness to Youth? 

How did this cult come to be? Why has it escaped our radar from now? 

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