All Towers By Monroe Soto

Instruments: Tarot Deck

Game Description 

The world is ending and you cannot stop it, but you must survive as long as you can.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 3,558     Played: Nov 8, 2023

Day 1

Morning - The Hanged Man - Sacrifice for Something

We were out of water again today. There’s some men trying to build a new well, but they won’t let anyone have any of the water they are using for themselves unless you trade for it. 

They wanted my shoes. It’s the only pair I have, but… the man who traded me said he could have half his water ration each day, but I’ll have to come back to get it. 

I just hope my feet don’t get infected. 

Noon - Temperance - Succeed a Project

I finished mending the plastic for the windows. It won’t hold long, and I don’t know if it will work that well, but… at least it’s stopped the seeping. 

Gina said we’ll have to move underground soon. I don’t know how we won’t all suffocate since we can’t let any air in and there aren’t any plants down there since there’s no sunlight. 

Night - The Emperor - Create Structure

I decided what I’ll do tomorrow. I need to go out and check on the plants in the morning. Then go over all the hazmat suits to make sure they are still all sealed. Then I’ll check and see if anyone else has started to make plans for things. Gina keeps mentioning the caves but… I don’t know if anyone else wants to go down there. I’ve heard there’s things down there… 

She keeps mentioning the people up north who live in the caves, but they’ve got structures and a society for that… we don’t. 

Day 2 

Morning - Temperance - Succeed a Project

The plants are looking fine! Seems the winds don’t affect them much. Looks like they really only affect people. I don’t know much about gardening, but the blackberries are doing fine! I got one of the kids to stand watch and yell at any of the birds and squirrels that come by so nothing will eat them. I hope I can make jam out of them when it comes to harvest. 

Noon - The High Priestess - Uncover Secrets 

Two people went down into the caves today and they found someone living there. They are unwell, but not infected. They keep screaming that they are the prophet of a god that died long long ago. 

People aren’t sure what to believe. They were surrounded by gold streaks and handprints in the cave and… I think Gina was lying to me because she thinks she’s funny. But she said whatever they touched turned to gold. 

They are out in one of the tents now. Maybe I’ll go say hello tomorrow. 

Night - The Emperor - Structure

Tomorrow I’ll try to build shoes out of something. I keep putting more and more socks on but they keep getting holes. I’ve wrapped them in cellophane to stop them from getting wet, but maybe I’ll just learn to knit or crochet with plastic instead. 

Tomorrow I’ll check on the blackberries again and check to see if all the suits are sealed. Gina’s good at spinning a fun yarn, so maybe we should get together and do something fun on Fridays with everyone. Celebrations are fun, putting together something should be good. 

Day 3 

Morning - The Magician - Explore new regions

I went down into the cave today, the one where they found the prophet. It was pretty far in, but I was able to see what they were talking about. It was… a mess. Maybe if it wasn’t the end times all this gold would be worth something, but this is all useless to us. 

Funny to think how things just no longer have value. 

I didn't get to look long since I got caught and they sent me back up to the surface. I guess they are doing more excavating since the gold is kinda soft they can break it open fairly easily. I guess they are looking for more water. 

Noon - The Sun - Everything is going well 

I checked out the blackberries and they are doing so well! Everything seems to be good! Some of the other children have made a game out of scaring the birds, it seems to keep them happy. 

They said the well will be finished tomorrow, and then more people can go explore the cave. They are thinking about moving people in to sleep at night and sending them out during the day to work and get supplies. 

They said since the winds only affect people then we can have all the supplies and crops out in the open and it will be fine. 

People also seem keen on the idea of a little party on fridays. Just like a big gathering of everyone so no one gets too lonely. I guess everyone also wants to hear what’s the deal with the prophet and that will be a way for them to tell everyone. 

Evening - The Hermit - Reflection

Things aren’t as bad as they could be. Sometimes I regret not going north, but Gina said that was just a fool’s errand and it wouldn’t work out in the end for them either. 

I heard they have a great big dome up there which keeps out the cold and that’s why they were safe from the winds. We need a big dome down here too. 

Imagine all the cities in just giant bubbles with enough trees and stuff to keep us breathing. Seems like too much work for now. I guess just sealing the cave will be fine. 

Day 4  

Morning - The Moon - Uncertainty Comes through, question everything. 

The prophet’s missing and so’s Jerrell. It’s not like him to just wander off. I heard others talking and they wouldn't say much to me but I think something happened. Gina got real mad when I kept asking about it and she told me to shut up.  

The well can’t be finished without Jarrell so they’ve put it on pause. It was supposed to be done today. I said I would help but no one takes me seriously since I don’t know anything and they told me that I have a more important job in checking the suits and cataloging them so they can get fixed. 

What will we do when we run out of the glue to fix it though? People won’t even answer me that. 

Noon - The Hierophant - Think about the Journey

I’m just so tired. I wish people would tell me what’s going on. I might not be able to understand much, but I wish they wouldn't treat me like a little kid. 

I’ll be honest. I think this is a losing battle. I’ll fight for as long as I can, but I don’t think there’s ever going to be a recovery from this. The winds are gonna take us over eventually. …I just hope I’m not the last one I suppose. 

Evening - The Devil - Come to Terms with everything

Gina was real quiet when she came home. She just held me tight and wouldn’t say anything. She said we could take the evening off and we just laid together in bed for a long time. I could feel her crying into my back but I didn’t say nothing. She didn’t want me to either. 

Why does the end of everything have to be so damn hard? 

Day 5 

Morning - Judgement - Reassess 

I couldn’t eat this morning. I told the kids to go home and I just stood out there in the garden and waved my hands around every once and a while to scare the birds away. I don’t know if I have enough sugar to make jam. I don’t know if I have enough jars. 

I talked to Gina about going north again but she said we don’t have the supplies or the skills to make it. There isn’t enough gas left in the world to take a car and neither of us know how to hunt or forage.  I think we should try and do it anyway, but I won’t argue with her. 

Noon - Death - The end of a Project 

They found Jerrell. He was at the bottom of the well, dead. Gina tried to stop me from hearing the details, but everyone’s a gossip and you can’t keep details like this from people. They said he looks like he had bite marks and chunks taken out of him. Like a person bit him, and tried to eat him. They think it was that prophet. 

I talked to Mismark since she’s the smartest person I know, and she said that she had heard rumors about cannibalistic cults that followed that same god the prophet was screaming about, but she thought it was greatly exaggerated. 

I asked her how a bunch of holy people could do it and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “they like to eat valuable things, and nothing's more valuable than people.”

Looks like the well isn’t going to get made. 

Evening - The Empress - You have a bountiful harvest 

I feel so dumb. I was telling Gina about how much I was worried about not knowing how to make jam and she just laughed at me. She asked me why I thought I needed to do everything myself, and that there are people who already know how to make it. 

She said all I had to do was keep the blackberries alive and make sure none of the birds ate them and it would all be taken care of. I feel dumb. I guess that’s why we all live together, huh. So that we can share what we all know. 

I said they were ready for picking and everyone got together and gathered them up and gave them to Tynisha so she could jelly-fie them. 

Day 6

Morning - The Emperor - Structure

I watched Tynisha make all the jam today. I got to help a little by putting the jars in the water. It’s a little worrying since we are running out of water, but they think there is more down in the cave somewhere. I’m not too certain..

Noon - The Magician - Exploring new regions

I heard rumors that they found a door down in the caves. They said it shouldn't be opened, that there are bad things beyond it. I don’t have any reason to believe they are lying or that it’s just superstition. 

I hope they seal it up with rocks or something. They said there are new veins of gold down there too, hopefully making it easier for them to dig out a new area. 

I think they should just try to clean the other well. 

Evening - The Sun - Everything is going too well

We had Jerrell’s funeral tonight. We buried him in the old cemetery and told stories about him. There was lots of crying and his family hasn’t really been able to cope. I’m not sure what they are planning on doing from here. 

We had another gathering in the remains of town hall where we passed out the jam jars. Some people said we should all move in here together, but other people still want the privacy of a home.  I don’t blame them. I don’t think the cave will work out unless we can have our own quarters free from everyone else. 

Day 7

Morning - Death - The End of a Project 

Carlota returned today with more glue. She also brought more gas with her from the nearby town and a couple more people named Loi, Sid, and Letitia. They were the only ones remaining in that town, and they brought some stuff they could carry. 

Carlota said she wants to head back and scrounge around some more, and that there’s plenty of gas for her to do so. She wants to leave tomorrow. 

I was able to re-glue some of the old suits while I watched the kids chase away crows from the blackberry patch from the window. 

Carlota doesn’t really believe us about the prophet, but she stopped by Jerrell’s grave earlier. 

Noon - The Empress - An abundant resource 

They found a bunch of bat guano in the cave. Sounds gross but they said it works as fertilizer, so we can replenish some of the nutrients in the ground. 

Since we have to wear the suits outside anyway, harvesting it and planting it shouldn't be too bad. They think that because there’s bats down there, there should be water nearby. I still don’t think so. 

Evening - The Hanged Man - Sacrifice to Attain 

Carlota is mad that I used the glue. She said that I didn’t have any right to take it from her without permission, but I thought it was for everyone! She wants me to give her something in return, but I don’t have anything! 

Gina was real mad at her too, but everyone else says that it’s my fault! These aren’t just my suits! I had to give her some of my jam, even though the jam was for everyone. So now Gina and I don’t have any, and Carlota has more than she needs. It’s not fair! 

Day 8 

Morning - The Hermit - Reflection

Gina is still very angry at Carlota, and I think she knows that so she left early in the morning to go back to the other town. Loi said it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t know and also thinks Carlota is … well I shouldn't say that word, but you know. 

They sat with me and helped me wrap up my feet in the extra plastic since I didn’t have shoes. I told them I had to trade them away to the well-workers since I didn’t have enough water, but then the well didn’t get made, so now they are all searching down in the cave for a river. 

They asked me if I knew the legend of Pendlebrook (I didn’t.) They said it was a supposed town that was frozen in time and sunk below the earth to be preserved forever, and that it's supposed to be just north of the Weeping Forest. 

Maybe if we dig through enough of the caves, through thousands of miles, we can reach it. Wouldn’t that be something? 

Noon - The Moon - Uncertainty - Question Everything

The blackberry patch is dead. I don’t know what happened. It looks like it all rotted from the insides. The winds aren’t supposed to hurt plants, so I don’t know what happened. 

No one else knows either, and everyone was asleep at the time. Maybe the guano was poisonous? Maybe I used too much? We went through it and looked for as many of the berries as we could, hopefully we can re-grow them in a different spot. 

Evening - The Hierophant - Think about the journey 

I wanna go north. I don’t think this is sustainable. There’s nothing here. I can’t go alone though. I don’t think anyone else wants to go. They all think that they will find a river. 

‘If there’s a cave there has to be water!’ Is what they keep telling themselves over and over again. It’s not going to work! There is no water! We can’t stay! 

Gina won’t listen! 

Day 8 

Morning - The Tower - How do you envision the end of the world?

I can see the winds changing colors on the horizon. Each day they come closer and I can feel my skin itching. I’m going to be consumed by them and join the faces that I can see in them. 

Gina says the faces are just my imagination since I’m so worried about everything. She called it ‘pareidolia.’ But I know what I saw. We’ll all join them in the end. 

Noon - The Magician - New Regions

I went with Gina into the edge of the forest today. There aren’t as many ghosts as there used to be. I think the winds sucked them all up, but she said they are just hiding. 

They used to scare me with all the wailing and the crying, but I think it’s even scarier now that they are quiet. 

We went looking for pine cones since you can eat pine nuts. I think she just wants to distract me from the blackberry patch. I don’t think they are a viable resource since I don’t think you can get a lot of them, and they are pretty time-consuming to get. 

But maybe we can have some just for flavoring or something else. 

We got at least 3 bags full, and we’ll need to sort them out later. I know some of the kids might be interested in cracking them, but they are also a bit too destructive at times. 

Evening - The Sun - Everything is going too well

I’ll get started planting the blackberries again tomorrow, but for now everyone was just sitting around cracking open the pine cones. 

We got a lot more than I expected, but not enough to actually feed anyone. Someone said they go good in bread, but we’ll need to find a bigger oven if we want to use it. 

Carlota brought a bag of flour with her when she was here yesterday, but who knows if she’ll let us use it. She’ll probably force someone to trade something special for it, even though the whole town gets to eat with it. 

Day 9, Tower Count: 1

Morning - The Hierophant - Journal, process everything 

I feel so wishy-washy. Maybe things will work out here in the end. The cave exploration seems to be going fine, but again, no water. 

There also wouldn’t be a way to seal all the entrances that have air in them, since some would be out of reach. Living there wouldn’t work. I think we need to go back to the bubble idea…. Just enclose ourselves in the forest completely, or something. 

People are worried about the little folk since they can appear in any woods, but they don’t seem too bothered by the winds none. I joked to Gina once about begging them to let us live in their part of the forests and she looked like she wanted to kill me so I’ve never brought it up again. 

Noon - Temperance - Succeed in a project 

They found water. They actually did it. I can’t believe it. Though they said the entire river bottom was covered in gold. 

I don’t know how that will effect if it’s able to be drunk, but it’s better than the well? At least it’s finished. We’ll have to make some sort of system that allows it to be brought into the city, and they are working on that. 

They said they saw signs (besides the gold) that this is where the prophet was living. As long as they don’t come back to … bother us I don’t see what the problem is. But they aren’t letting anyone go in by themselves. 

They’ll be doing tests on the water soon to see where we can use it. Some people are already planning on going tomorrow. They think that even if we can’t use it to drink, we can use it to wash some stuff like the outsides of the suits. 

Evening - Death - The End of a Project

Rats got the pine nuts. They knocked over the jar in the middle of the night and went to town on them. I don't know why I didn’t hear it in the night, but there was glass everywhere on the floor and nuts everywhere. 

Gina helped me pick up what was salvageable and we put them in a new jar and put that jar in the fridge. The power’s out but it still works as a vault that should keep them out. 

What’s worse is I don’t know if the rats are living with us, or if something isn’t sealed properly. We’ll have to go around the house and search everything and set up some traps. 

I joked we could eat them but she wasn't happy about that. 

Day 10, Tower Count: 1

Morning - The Tower - How do you envision the end of the world? 

It’s closer than it was before. There’s more faces, and I think I saw one that looked like Carlota. I don’t think she’s coming back. 

Our home isn’t safe anymore. I don’t think it ever was, but I don’t wanna tell Gina that. She still thinks that things will be fine. Or at least she’s pretending for my sake. 

I wonder if the prophet has been consumed already? Will they turn the winds into gold if it touches them? 

Noon - The Tower - Game Over 

The cave collapsed with Gina inside. 

I couldn't stay. I packed all the remaining goods we had, the jam jars and the nuts and anything that wouldn’t perish in the back of one of the remaining cars. 

The prophet was asleep in the back. I don’t know how long they have been there but it doesn’t matter. 

 I woke them up and said either come with me or stay. They decided they were going with me. They told me Jarrell tried to kill them. I don’t know if I believe them or not, but it doesn’t matter. 

I wrapped their hands in cellophane and they turned to sheet metal gold but they stayed put and didn’t turn the suit when I helped him in it. 

I’ll have to teach them to drive so I can sleep. 

I don’t think we’ll make it, but it feels better to try. 

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