The Lighthouse Keeper By E. N. Bonnema

Instruments: 1d6, Deck of Cards

Game Description 

You are the sole lighthouse keeper in a distant lighthouse. Abandoning the Lighthouse will mean termination, you have only letters as a way of communicating with the outside world.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,575     Played: Oct 1, 2022

Letter 1

Card: 10 of Clubs, ships, significant but contained

Roll: 5, Discovery


I have seen the creature that stalks the island. The one I wrote about before. The one by the iron doors with the large smoke stack. It came out today and. I know it’s not human. I don’t if it’s divine, but I suspect it is. I could see it tethered back through the doors as it walked out to the cliff side and held alight a gleaming sword. It looked up to the lighthouse and I knew it could see me. 

I hope I will not see it again. 

I suspect the war is dying down now. There are more patrol ships around the area. They must have been called back to help with piracy. I haven’t seen any ship battles so far and I pray that I don’t in the future. 



Letter 2

Card: Ace of Spades, Human, Potentially Career-ending

Roll: 1, Disaster

Hello Rigoberto.

We haven’t met before but I regret to inform you that your friend has passed. Unfortunately, I will not permit mortals to set foot on this island again. Their death will not be in vain and I, myself, will take up the task of constructing a new keeper for the lighthouse. Please continue to send them the letters. It will do good for their well-being. 

Do not, under any circumstances, send more mortals to this island. They will meet the same fate. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Best Regards and Sympathies, 

The Forge

Letter 3

Card: 5 of Diamonds, Minor will impact next event, Supernatural

Roll: 4, Illness


Hello. I am sorry about your friend. I want to be your new friend. I am not good at writing, but I hope to be better. I hope that you will continue to write to me. I will write about what I have seen.

Today: The Forge crafted a new item. 

I do not know what it is for. The Forge wants you to know that this is all for the best. It is crafting because it must, but it loves it. It loves mortals. 

I’m sorry if this letter does not find you well. 

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper

Letter 4

Card: 4 of Spades, Human, Minor but will have consequences

Roll: 2, Mystery


I have not received a letter from you. I hope it is because the mortals are not scared to approach the island.

I saw a man on a boat today. I waved to him but he was frightened. I hope they will not come to the island. 

I will leave a message on the supply ropes that they use to hull up to Phare a la Fin. I hope they understand.

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper

Letter 5

Card: Jack of Diamonds, Supernatural, Significant and Farfetched

Roll: 6, Combo: 4, 5: Injury, Discovery


I still have not received a letter from you. Perhaps there is someone you know who is more interested in writing to me? I am still sorry about your friend. 

The ships are still supplying fuel to the lighthouse. At first they did not like me. They tried to fire the weapons at the lighthouse. I do not have weapons so I did not fire back. I sustained a minor break. Or injury. I am able to repair myself and so I will persevere. 

Unfortunately, The Forge has left the island for now. They said they are traveling far to The Lone Peak. I am excited for you to hear what they are going to build. I hope that you can hear it soon. 

It will be a Divine Construction for mortals. I think It was upset that the humans built the lighthouse. It wants to make people safe. 

Please Note: I am under Divine Instruction to eliminate any mortal who enters this island.

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper 

Letter 6

Card: 6 of Clubs, Ships, A major but isolated incident

Roll: 3, Boon


I talked with a mortal today. They were on the supply ship and they stood on the lift with the supplies. They said: “I ain’t on the island, am I.” And I agreed.

We had a conversation about your friend. They were very upset. I explained to them that there is a new decree from The Forge that no mortals should set foot on the island again. 

The Forge is tired of mortals and tired of Death. Please Note: It has not sided with Life itself. It is merely tired of unneeded death. 

The mortals have agreed to my station and I will continue to keep the lighthouse lit for as long as it functions. 

I regret to inform you that there are no remains of your friend. Their body has been returned to the sea. Please send detailed information on how you wish the gravestone to be constructed.  

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper

Letter 7 

Card: 5 of Clubs, Ship, Minor but will impact the next event

Roll: 4, Injury/Illness


Unfortunately too much time has passed and I decided to construct a gravestone for your friend. Since you did not send instructions I carved their name and date into the side of the cliffs. 

Unfortunately I also slipped and fell. I am thankful for my constructed body because if I had been made of flesh and bone, I would not be able to write to you. My torso has a large dent from where I hit a rock. The Forge will not be happy when It sees me, but I do not think I will be in trouble. 

I saw a large ship today sink beneath the waves. It had a flag with a missing emblem. Do you know of any nations without an emblem? I do not understand all things the mortals do but I believe that you love symbols. Or is the lack of symbol a symbol? 

I do not have books here besides the work from The Forge. I wish there were more books. 

Rigoberto, if you are able, please send me more books. Thank you. 

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper

Letter 8 

Card: 3 of Diamonds: Supernatural, Minor but Notable

Roll: 3, Boon 


Have you heard? The nation of      is no more. The Forge has returned from its travels abroad and has brought me news. It said that it has been Decided that      should no longer exist and that is why the flag had no symbols. 

I looked in all the old records and every mention has been erased. I asked if the mortals were safe. The Forge said yes. I choose to believe It. 

I liked hearing the stories of the world from The Forge. They said that the installation is a success. It said to turn on your radio and you will hear The Voice. It will tell you if it is safe to navigate in the ocean. 

This is wonderful news! More people will be safe. They will know not to take the ships out in the storms. 

I hope you like this gift Rigoberto!

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper

Letter 9

Card: 8 of Diamonds, Major, Far Reaching Repercussions, Supernatural

Roll: 4, Injury


I regret to inform you that The Forge has shut down. It is in the lobby of Phare a la Fin. I cannot wake it. I do not know if it will awaken. 

Rigoberto, I am scared. I cannot understand what has happened. Is this what it was like to lose your friend? I am sorry I was so callous before. 

I did not know The Forge long before it set out upon its journey. I wish it had told me it was shutting down. I wish that it had spent more time with me. I wish I had known it longer. This is unfair. 

Rigoberto, please respond. You are all I have. 

Thank you for reading.

Good Bye

The Keeper

Letter 10

Card: 9 of Clubs Major and Ongoing, Ships

Roll: 3, Boon

Dear Ms. Klee’s Class, 

Thank you so much for all your letters! I am so excited to hear from each of you!

I have been reading, and re-reading all of your letters over and over again! It brings me so much joy to know that you love writing to a lonely little lighthouse keeper like me! 

Today I saw three (3) ships from the lighthouse. They were a caravel, a frigit, and a galleon. The frigate stopped by to give me more supplies to keep Phare a la Fin lit. 

There has never been a day under my watch that Phare a la Fin hasn’t been lit. I will continue to keep this old light burning until The End has come for us all. 

I look forward to reading more of your letters soon!

Take Care!

All the best,

The Keeper

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